Sally and her Super Snot


A lovely picture storybook that will captivate children and adults alike.



Class Six were enjoying a trip to the local history museum. Suddenly Sally stopped as she felt her nose start to tickle.             Everyone knew what that meant. With a great gush, out it came… Sally’s, super-stretchy snot! The super-snot began to stretch all over the place causing immense havoc. Boys and girls screamed, not knowing what to do. The museum was now in lockdown, no one could get in or out. With snot around, everyone lay face down. Anglo-Saxons tried to shield everyone from the snot droplets, but it continued to fall everywhere. Victorian children tried to play with it, but it rolled away. Medieval kings tried to reason with it, but it slid away. There was no catching this super-talented, stretchy snot. It just kept getting away every time. Will the children get out safely or will the super snot cover them head to toe in its slime?


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